Li’l Dragon Heart Encoder Knob


L’ill Dragon Heart

Designed for KAM Li’l Dragon keycap set by Inverse Design Collective.

‘KAM Li’l Dragon takes inspiration from the exiled dragon-child of anime series Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid. We wanted to create a set that is as faithful to the character, as it could be, in a mechanical keyboard keycap set. KAM Li’l Dragon is a set inspired by the physical characteristics of this small prankster. Her hair color inspired the top-down off-lilac to purple gradient; her dress, the pink accent color; and her hair beads, the dark blue-grey legends.’


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THOK Solid brass 18mm wide encoder knob, finished in PVD plating. Featuring first of its kind THOK metal universal fitment system. No side screw, simply slide off and on for a firm fitment

  • Pink plated brass
  • Machined from solid brass

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